Vogten Group

Vogten Group is a holding which is specialised in trading and processing natural stone objects. Recently Vogten Group decided to expand by dividing their structure into 3 companies: Vogten Stairs, Vogten Design and Vogten Production. For the expansion Vogten Group needed a total new branding as well as 3 new websites. The aim of the branding was to create a family logo which connects the companies which each other and makes them easy to recognise. We have created a corporate style for each company, together with the full branding which you can see below.

Basic elements

Vogten Group in its core is a production company. The old logo consist of 3 basic elements: a square, a circle and a triangle. With these elements one is able to create every kind of shape. For the new logo of Vogten Group we decided to maintain this philosophy by creating a logo which contains these basic elements.

The Corporate Identity

In order to position Vogten Group in the market it is essential to create a strong corporate identity. For the Vogten family we designed an elegant corporate identity.

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